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The Gamekeeper’s Inn offers an excellent range of local ales which go perfectly with our seasonal food menu, or as drinks to see you through the night. We pride ourselves by selecting ales from local breweries that put as much care and attention into their products as we do with ours, this means our ales taste fantastic and they bring guests back to our traditional North Yorkshire pub, time and time again.

In order to truly understand how our local produce is made, our team spends time learning about all the produce we sell, the same can be said for our ale selection too!

Creating Real Ale is a culinary art form. Avid beer drinks will know that each ale has its own distinct characteristics, a particular flavour and a noticeable smell. Not only that, the colour and head of a beer has a huge impact on how the beer tastes/feels which is exactly why the production process of our beers is so important to us.

In producing a good real ale, or a cask ale, ingredients are mixed together with yeast. The sugars in the ingredients are consumed by the yeast which in turn creates alcohol, turning the watery mixture into a full bodied beer. The difference with cask ale, as opposed to a kegged beer is that a secondary fermentation then takes place once the beer has been moved to the cask.

Beer Barrels

The cask is essentially a barrel, within the cask the beer continues to ferment, which allows the flavours to meld and the true characteristics of the beer start to form. What this means is that even once our cask ales are in our cellar and ready to drink, they are still ever changing and their flavour profiles are still developing, that’s what makes real ale extra special - and extra delicious too!

The team at The Gamekeeper’s Inn pride ourselves on our knowledge of the local area, our knowledge of our produce sold and of course, our knowledge of the drinks we serve too. By using this knowledge and expertise, we ensure your stay or visit to The Gamekeeper’s Inn truly is an extra special one!

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