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New Biodiversity Recovery Plan Launched in the Yorkshire Dales | The Gamekeeper’s Inn

The Yorkshire Dales are the home to The Gamekeeper’s Inn, a traditional pub on our Long Ashes Park site which prides itself on its roots and close connection to the local land. We source our food and ales locally and do everything we can to ensure there’s a little bit of Yorkshire in everything we do.

The Yorkshire Dales are also one of the most diverse locations in the whole country, thanks to their varied terrain and landscape. There’s a home for everyone and everything here!

The Yorkshire Dales Biodiversity Forum is a body made up of local people and representatives from the Environment Agency, Natural England, the RSPB and the National Trust. Together, they have launched a new plan which aims to improve and recover aspects of the region's biodiversity under the Nature in the Dales 2022 vision plan. The plan is to reintroduce endangered wildlife to the area including Curlew, Red Squirrel and Dormouse with the view to making the Yorkshire Dales home to the finest variety of wildlife in England by 2040.

According to the Craven Herald, the Chair of the Yorkshire Dales Biodiversity Forum, Peter Walsh has said:

“A huge amount has been achieved for nature in the Dales in recent years. However, we are not immune from the wider changes causing the biodiversity and climate emergencies. Further effort and financial support is urgently needed. We think there are exciting opportunities to work with farmers and landowners on large scale nature recovery.”

Though work by the forum has been going on for some time, plans will continue to grow and develop over the next few decades to ensure that the entire Yorkshire Dales area continues to thrive as a safe and welcoming space for wildlife. The plan aims to continue and grow the work of the past decade to ensure that the area is under constant development from a biodiversity perspective. Being biodiverse means that the Yorkshire Dales will continue to retain its natural beauty for centuries to come, allowing people to live wholesome lives thanks to the flourishing resources given to us by the dales!

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