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Our Top Tipples This Festive Season

Enjoying Christmas is all about eating, drinking and being merry and when enjoyed in moderation, a good drink can take you on a delicious journey, through complex flavours, exciting notes and wonderful combinations.

Here’s a few recommendations for your festive Tipples this year, from the team at The Gamekeeper’s Inn.

If you’re a beer drinker, why not treat yourself to some locally sourced ales. A nice table beer is great for enjoying alongside your Christmas dinner. If you like a rich taste, head for a stout which is best enjoyed alongside a nice, creamy dessert. Perhaps you want to take your stout to the next level? There’s a milk stout for that - a lactose rich, dark beer that can be both sweet and bitter. Perfect for really giving you that festive feeling this Christmas.

If you love wine, then Christmas really is the time for you. Open the bubbles and enjoy a bucks fizz, or perhaps a rich Merlot would go along with your Christmas Cheese selection?

If you’re really committing to the festive Tipples, then you’ll want to explore a few cocktail ideas. We bet someone’s bought you a bottle of Whiskey this year right? Why not add a shot to a black coffee, top with cream and you’ve got yourself a delicious and rich Irish Coffee.

If you’re after a very grown up cocktail, enjoy a Negroni this new year. A Negroni is a truly delicious cocktail that is super easy to make, it’s simply just one part Gin, one part Vermouth (generally, red Vermouth) and one part Campari. Stir over a bit of ice and then garnish with an orange twist for a truly festive feel.

However you choose to enjoy the festivities this year, the team at The Gamekeeper’s Inn wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Drink responsibly, enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

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