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Summer 2021 Surge in Tourists Headed to the Yorkshire Dales

Whilst it can be argued that the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us all a lot of things, one thing we can agree on is that it’s helped us to open our minds to holidaying at home. Locked in our homes and our local areas, we have all been able to discover the sheer beauty of our own natural beauty spots. We’re lucky here in the Yorkshire Dales, we have ‘god’s own county’ right on our doorstep, which is exactly why experts are expecting a surge in tourism in areas like the Yorkshire Dales in summer 2021.

The bottom line is that even now, nobody really knows how our summer plans will look as we hope that we come out of lockdown. Travel abroad seems like the most unlikely thing given that it entirely depends on the condition of other countries within the pandemic ‘roadmap’ therefore, people are turning to spots like the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District to book their summer staycations. According to The Mirror, Rebecca Murphy from Expedia has said:

"It’s clear that after many lockdowns and uncertainty about travel, we’re desperate to get away for a stress-free break. Whether spending time in the UK or abroad, our report shows the positive effect of taking days off to relax, from improving relationships with significant others to being more patient with colleagues and clients. While stay-at-home mandates are still in place, Brits are using this time to plan their year ahead and make the most of annual leave days in 2021. Plus, with many hotels and holiday rentals now offering flexible booking options, you can easily change your travel plans if necessary."

With more and more tourists expected to arrive at locations like Long Ashes Park in the summer, we’re doing everything we can to ensure your visit is as safe and as special as possible. During your stay here, be sure to visit The Gamekeeper’s Inn for a traditional Yorkshire welcome, delicious local food, fine wine and local ales, all selected to ensure you have the best time possible.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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