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Christmas Food Guide

With Christmas now officially upon us (yes, we would say it’s ok to break into the chocolates if you haven’t already now), we want to help you prepare for the big day! No, we’re not doing your Christmas shopping for you (as much as we would love to), however, with The Gamekeeper’s Inn Christmas Food Guide, we want to help you out and ensure you’ve got everything you need, for the perfect Christmas meal.

It’s everyone’s real highlight, a big Christmas dinner, isn’t it? The hot gravy, luxurious meats, stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings (yes, we’re from Yorkshire don’t you know) and even sprouts, we love it all. It can however be a real stress to prepare, so we say don’t wait until the 25th to get started, it’s perfectly safe to start preparing your Christmas dinner a day early, so long as you can ensure any prepared food is stored safely and is cooked correctly before serving.

Sort out our starters, you could go for a classic Prawn Cocktail, or branch out to something more unique like Wild Garlic Mushrooms (great with a splash of brandy in the sauce). Or, how about a lovely, warming Winter Vegetable Soup?

The main event - do you go traditional and stick to Turkey, or branch out to Beef and Ham as well? Why not try a vegan alternative and enjoy a Nut Roast and get a headstart on your Veganuary conquest?

At Christmas, the sundries are just as important as the roast meat, you’ll need your best Roast Potatoes which go nicely with Honey Glazed Carrots. Sprouts, even if you hate them, you’ll have them on your plate, so why not try frying them off in a bit of Red Wine, with some chunks of Pancetta? Stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings and of course Pigs in Blankets, you can’t forget those! For a vegan alternative, try a nice Stuffed Mushroom.

If there’s room for dessert, then first of all well done. Secondly, what do you go for, something rich and decadent like Christmas Pudding, or do you go savory and open up the Cheese Board? We’d recommend a creamy Wensleydale, or a pungent Yorkshire Blue.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from the team at The Gamekeeper’s Inn, enjoy your dinner, and yes, it’s ok to have Christmas Pudding, and Cheese for after too!

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